Monday, April 16, 2012

Birchbox April 2012

YAY what a good Birchbox month it has been :) Found some new products that I love!

Here is what I recieved :

1) J.R. Watkins Hand and Cuticle Salve- 7.99
          -I LOVED the smell of this! A very fragrant lavender scent, Not the best Cuticle salve though
2)Willa Gentle Cleansing Lavender Facial Towelettes-30 pack, $7.00
          -LOVED these. I am really sure I will order from this company. I love how the towelettes stay super moist, and they take off EVERYTHING from your face with no need to rinse with water!
3)  Wonderstruck Taylor Swift Fragrance- Full size, $50.00
          - Not crazy about this. It smells nice but it wears off fast like a cheap perfume.
4)Zoya True Spring collection- Full size, $8.00
          -Love it ! doesn't chip! I want to buy more colors!
5) Dropps Laundry Detergent
         - What can I say? didn't expect to get this in a Birchbox. I'll use it but I rather receive beauty products instead.


  1. lovely mint green nail polish colourxxx

  2. I love that nail polish very pretty & cute blog btw.
    How do I follow you?


  3. Maria- Thankyou :) When you visit my blog, at the top of the screen in the blogger bar you click 'follow'. I will check out your blog as well.

  4. Such fun products!

    Love from South Africa