Monday, April 16, 2012

Bath Bombs Away...Part Two

OK so the Second batch of goodies from Etsy came from Exotic Soaps & Candles. From the minute I opened the box I was hit with a very strong floral fragrance. It scented my bathroom nicely while I waited to use them. These babies fizz super fast in the tub..They leave your tub water smelling very fragrant. However...both bathbombs smelled very similiar. I only reccomend this place if you like floral scents because they all kinda smell the same. I even reccomend using half of this bomb at a time because the smell can be overwhelming. She sent me a sample size bathbomb called 'Monkey Farts' which I loved and would only order that again :) So bathbombs are priced about $3.50 at this shop. They are small but strong. Not comparible to lush but I def. enjoyed using the monkey farts bathbomb. I wouldnt buy here again. 3 out of 5 stars

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