Sunday, April 15, 2012


Ok so.. I admit I am a LUSH addict. Its really bad. I have been looking for some time for a Lush 'Alternative' in order to save my wallet some money! :) So...I searched on ETSY and ordered from 3 companies that I thought had the most 'attractive' bath bombs comparable to lush. are my reviews...

Ok..So the first order was from Bath Bomb Confections ( find them on ETSY ) They average about $3.15 per bathbomb..

ok so..This strawberry shortcake scent was horrible..smelled like popsicle sticks..straight up wood/glue smell. It was gross. I would never buy this again!

The second bathbomb I bought was called 'JellyBean' for Easter. HOW CUTE IS THIS?? I loved the little easter egg sprinkles on it. The scent was amazing! HOWEVER...This bathbomb is VERY small in comparison to Lush bathbombs. For the price...ehh you dont really get your monies worth. Also..After the bath bomb dissolves in the are left with NOTHING..No yummy scent, no colored water, no smooth skin. Its cute but I wouldnt buy from this company again

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